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I am still in awe of what happened 22 years ago on March 1, 1997.  The moment you stepped into the sanctuary at Peace Lutheran Church in Greenview, Missouri the whole place turned to see the most beautiful woman, but I was the fortunate one who would get to see you every day for the rest of our lives.  Still to this day your beauty captures my heart and attention.

Occupy With Purpose

The word “Occupy” caught my attention while scrolling through a social media post.  As I began to research that word, this phrase rose up on the inside of me: “Occupy with Purpose.”  I grabbed my handy digital Strong’s Concordance to find out what this word was all about.  In Greek, it means to busy oneself with.

I Gave Up

”I gave up!”  After months and months of trying I just couldn’t take it anymore.  Sound familiar?  I tried, really I did try.  No one noticed.  I am not really sure that no one cared.  Then it resounded within me that something had to be done.  What should I do with all of this information I had obtained?  I was on overload and my mind felt like mush.

Follow Your Dreams

With confidence, I will say that at some time or another you’ve had a dream.  The dream was impactful to you.  Maybe that dream gave direction in your life or it helped you pursue an idea.   I have found that dreams come and they go.  However, they are the kind of dreams that you have had when you’re asleep.  

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