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  "My tongue is the pen of a ready
writer." Psalms 45:1

Living Legacy Publishing

A powerful and impactful opportunity has emerged, marked by fervor and effectiveness. God has
instilled words in you that are meant to be articulated and documented in printed and digital formats. A
profound desire has been instigated within God’s people to go deeper into understanding Him—an
appetite crafted for the revival of this moment. It is crucial to consider partnering with a publisher who
is called and equipped to assist in realizing the vision, to contribute actively, and to witness its
manifestation during this critical time.

Want To Publish Your Book?

Blue and Gold Particles


Living Legacy Publishing

A private label designed to capture your lifework that has tested and proven victories, put into a printed
and digital format that will serve generations to come.


Living Vision Publishing

A Christ-centered publishing House designed to provide an economical solution for first-time authors.
Multiple packages are available to meet the needs of your platform and audiences.


Living Book Experience

Author and Publishing coaching designed for entrepreneurs interested in developing their own brand.

Book Pages

After more than a year of Shawn's tenacious suggestions, I began writing. He coached
me through the process of publishing and even offered me feedback on what I had
written. I say feedback, but the truth is, he tore my work apart, affording me
perspectives I could never have seen on my own and pointing out potential
misunderstandings that readers could come away with. He even offered advice on font
style and the affect that it has on the reader.

James H, Missouri

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